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Chemoembolization therapy is used to treat liver tumors or for postsurgical adjunctive treatment. Chemotherapy medicines are injected into the liver arteries, delivering a high local dose of cancer-killing medicine directly to the tumor or tumor area. Another material called an embolic agent is also put into the liver’s blood vessels which cuts off the blood supply and essentially starves the tumor of the blood they need to survive and grow.

The patient is typically overnight for observation purposes and discharged the next morning. The patient is prescribed medications to help with any side effects of the treatment. We have follow-up appointments scheduled with labs and imaging at customized intervals and are available by phone 24/7 for any issues that may arise.



All of the following signs are part of a normal recovery after Chemoembolization. Within a few days to a month after the procedure, you should be back to your usual self.

Right upper abdominal pain for the first few days to a week. It may radiate to the shoulder or back. You will be given medicine to help control the pain. This pain usually gets better within the first week.

Extreme fatigue or tiredness for a few days up to four weeks after the procedure.

A poor appetite which may result in weight loss before your appetite returns – continue to eat even if you have no appetite. Small, frequent meals are the best way to prevent weight loss.

Transient fevers up to 101 degrees.